As a CT family photographer, every session is a unique adventure. My recent fall family session in Harwinton, Connecticut, was nothing short of magical. The picturesque apple orchard served as the perfect backdrop. The warm hues of autumn created a canvas of natural beauty. The session took place during the golden hour. Golden hour is […]

Apple Orchard Family Session | CT Family Photographer | Sharon Leger Photography

As a Simsbury, CT family photographer, every session is a unique adventure. Recently, I had the pleasure of capturing special moments for an extended family at the picturesque Flower Bridge. The day couldn’t have been more perfect, with the sun casting a warm glow on the beautiful blooms and the Connecticut River gently flowing beneath. […]

Simsbury CT Family Photographer | Summer Photo Shoot | Sharon Leger Photography

As a photographer, there’s nothing quite as rewarding as capturing the love and connection within a family. Then you bring grandparents in? A recipe for success! Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing an extended family session in Avon, Connecticut. It truly was an experience brimming with joy and togetherness. Avon CT Family Session: The […]

One of my favorite things to do in August is head to the beach for a CT family beach photo shoot. As a seasoned family photographer, every session brings a unique story to tell through my lens. Recently, I had the pleasure of capturing precious moments for a delightful family of four at the stunning […]

CT Family Beach Photo Shoot | Canton CT Family Photographer

As a dedicated Connecticut family photographer, every session is an adventure filled with warmth, connection, and the joy of freezing beautiful moments in time. Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing a delightful family in downtown Collinsville on a brisk morning. Here’s a glimpse into the magical morning session with two young girls and their […]

Canton Family Session | Connecticut Family Photographer

As a Canton CT family photographer, every session brings a unique blend of joy, connection, and the beauty of fleeting moments. Recently, I had the privilege of capturing the magic of a young family amidst the picturesque fields of Simsbury, CT. The session unfolded like a storybook, filled with the laughter of a toddler and […]

Summer Family Session | Canton CT Photographer

As a photographer based in Canton, CT, I’ve had the privilege of capturing countless special moments for families in nearby towns. Recently, I had the opportunity to embark on an extended family session at the iconic flower bridge. The vibrant blooms and the timeless charm of Simsbury provided the perfect backdrop for a day filled […]

Simsbury Extended Family Session | CT Family Photographer

Introduction: A Warm Welcome at Gentle Bull Studios As a Canton CT photographer, every session is a unique opportunity to freeze moments in time. This is how I can ensure that I am creating lasting memories for families. Recently, I had the pleasure of hosting an extended family photo session at Gentle Bull Studios in […]

Gentle Bull Extended Family Session | Canton CT Photographer

Topsmead State Forest is the perfect location for your extended family session. With its sprawling landscapes and charming scenery, Topsmead has become a favorite destination for families. This setting is perfect for families seeking a unique and beautiful setting for their portraits. As a Topsmead family photographer, I understand the significance of capturing the essence […]

Extended Family Summer Session | Topsmead Family Photographer

It is always such an honor to have repeat families every year. As a CT family photographer, I know there are so many options out there. So every time a name shows up on an inquiry form that I recognize, I am so grateful. I truly love being able to watch your family grow and […]

Simsbury Fall Family Photo Shoot in Connecticut | Sharon Leger Photography | CT Newborn and Family Photography

When this mom first reached out, she was looking for a family photographer in Connecticut. Her first email asked me if I work with families with older children. She was looking for a fall family session with older kids, and saw a lot of young children on my website. I was so excited that she […]

Topsmead Fall Family Session | Sharon Leger Photography | CT Newborn and Family Photographer

After the Covid lockdown, I began to get more and more bookings for extended family sessions than ever before. As a CT extended family photographer, I could not be more thrilled about it. Suddenly, families were very aware of how much they wanted to capture memories together. Before Covid, this family had asked me about […]

As a CT family photographer, I am honored to have so many return clients. I have families that book me every Black Friday to ensure they get on my calendar. Knowing that there are so many CT family photographers out there, I am honored and humbled every time. CT Family Photographer: Session Prep  This family […]

As a Simsbury CT family photographer, I was so excited to try a new location with this family. I first met them back in 2020 during the pandemic. We had a session at Topsmead State Forest with this little guy, who was an infant at the time. Fast forward to 2021, and their session was […]

Simsbury CT Family Photographer | Sharon Leger Photography

I first met this family in October of 2020 when their daughter was born. Since then, we have gotten together every year for CT fall family photos. Every year, we try a new location, which I love as a CT family photographer. Last year, we did CT fall family photos at Topsmead State Forest in […]

CT Fall Family Photos in Simsbury, CT | Sharon Leger Photography

After the pandemic, many families were looking to book a fall extended family session. Since we were all apart so long during the pandemic, I think this is the best way to celebrate families and to really preserve these fleeting moments in time. Five families booked their fall extended family session this year and I […]

Fall Extended Family Session in Collinsville, CT with Sharon Leger Photography

During the hot summer months, sunset field sessions are my absolute favorite. Because of the time of year, sunset tends to be closer to 8:30pm in New England. That means that sessions often need to start later than some children’s bedtimes. While that can be disruptive to a family’s schedule, it often is worth it […]

Little girl in field at field sunset session

For families with young children, sunset sessions in the summer can be a challenge. I work closely with parents to find a time that works best for their schedules and with the light. I will explain all of the options when you book your session, and we will make it work! This sweet family of […]

Sunset family field session in Simsbury, CT || Sharon Leger Photography

I absolutely love working with toddlers. They have a mind of their own, have deep set opinions and those little toothy grins are almost more than I can handle. From my years of experience, I have found there is a unique way of preparing a toddler for your family session. Here are some tips and […]

Brother and sister hugging in a field

Probably the most common reason I hear people skip family portrait sessions is because they are afraid their children will have a meltdown or not cooperate for the session. As a mom, I totally get that! Here are my best tips and tricks on how to handle a meltdown during your family session. How to […]

Holiday family session at Christmas Tree Farm

In working with hundreds of different clients over the years, I have found that everyone reacts differently to the idea of family portraits. One thing that I can say for sure is it is so important for your partner to be on-board with the idea of family portraits for everyone to have fun. Here are […]

Fall is going to be arriving soon in Connecticut and it’s time to start planning what to wear for fall family photos. Use these tips to help create a cohesive look for your family pictures. And remember, once you book your fall family session, you’ll receive an even more in-depth seasonal prep guide. As always, […]

Woohoo! We just ROCKED your family session and everyone had a blast. Back in the car, everyone is gushing about how silly the games were and how Dad has the stinkiest feet, no doubt. Everyone is going to sleep well tonight and you have earned that glass of red, mama! But, wait! Do you know […]

We worked together to plan the outfits, chose a date, find the perfect location. Now the day of your session is here! Here are a few of my favorite pieces of advice for parents at a family session: Advice for Parents At a Family Session: Let Me Take the Reins Let’s be honest, photo shoots […]

Parents in field at sunset

The biggest difference between a professional photographer and a stranger in the park with a camera is their ability to capture your family’s unique personalities. One of the biggest skills required to achieve this is getting kids to smile naturally. Here are some tips and tricks for getting those natural smiles without having to “say […]

I have had the pleasure of working with this family three times in the past three years. Mom knew that she wanted to book a spring family photoshoot. Both of her kids’ birthdays fall in April (and her husband’s!), so it was important to document this time. Preparing for their Family Photoshoot After Mom booked […]

Young family in front of their house

Spring is in the air and it’s time to start planning what to wear for spring family photos.

Young family in front of their house

Find out how you can save money, be held accountable and actually get your family portraits done early this year by booking now!

CT family pictures in Litchfield, Connecticut

After all, you’re not just investing in pictures, you’re investing in an experience.

Sunset family field session in Simsbury, CT || Sharon Leger Photography

With the busy spring season quickly approaching, many clients question whether they want one of the CT mini sessions offered throughout the year or a standard session. There are definite benefits to both types of sessions. Before deciding which type of session is right for you, it’s important to think about: your desired end result […]

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