Extended Family Summer Session | Topsmead Family Photographer

Extended Family | Topsmead Family Photographer

Topsmead State Forest is the perfect location for your extended family session. With its sprawling landscapes and charming scenery, Topsmead has become a favorite destination for families. This setting is perfect for families seeking a unique and beautiful setting for their portraits. As a Topsmead family photographer, I understand the significance of capturing the essence of family bonds against the backdrop of nature’s beauty.

Extended Family Summer Session | Topsmead Family Photographer

The Perfect Setting: Topsmead Family Photographer

The summer day began with the warm embrace of sunlight filtering through the lush canopy of trees. It was casting a soft and natural glow on the faces of the gathered family members. Topsmead’s manicured gardens and rustic architecture provided the perfect canvas. It helps to create a diverse array of images that reflect the unique personalities within this extended family.

Extended Family Summer Session | Topsmead Family Photographer

Capturing Spontaneity

One of the key challenges in family photography is ensuring that every member, from the youngest to the oldest, feels comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. Topsmead State Forest, with its natural charm, played a pivotal role in creating a relaxed atmosphere. The children explored the open spaces, capturing genuine moments of joy and spontaneity. This would later be immortalized in the final images.

Exploring Nature’s Beauty

The best part about Topsmead? You don’t have to go far to have beautiful scenery. The laughter echoed cross the gield as we embraced both candid and posed shots, showcasing the genuine connections between generations.

Extended Family Summer Session | Topsmead Family Photographer

Harnessing Natural Elements

As a Topsmead family photographer, I understand the importance of utilizing the natural elements to enhance the visual narrative. From the vibrant hues of the autumn leaves to the softness of the golden hour light, every aspect of Topsmead’s environment contributed to the creation of a timeless and visually stunning collection of photographs.

Storytelling Through Imagery: Topsmead Family Photographer

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, Topsmead State Forest provided a stage for the family’s unique story to unfold. The intertwining branches of the trees mirrored the intricate relationships within the extended family, capturing the essence of togetherness and shared experiences.

Extended Family Summer Session | Topsmead Family Photographer


In the heart of Topsmead State Forest, I had the privilege of freezing moments in time for this beautiful extended family. The laughter, the shared glances, and the unspoken bonds were all seamlessly woven into a tapestry of memories. As a Topsmead family photographer, it is both an honor and a joy to document these cherished moments against the backdrop of nature’s grandeur. The timeless photographs captured during this session serve as a testament to the enduring bonds that define family, making Topsmead State Forest an unforgettable chapter in the visual story of this extraordinary family.

Choosing Sharon As Your Topsmead Family Photographer

Why do you want Sharon Leger Photography as your CT family photographer? First, you will be fully prepared for your session. This preparation includes detailed emails and videos before your session, in addition to a prep guide and questionnaire. Second, your session is thoughtfully strategized so that you get way more images than you ever thought possible. And finally, as a former elementary school teacher, Sharon is skilled at engaging and connecting with clients of all ages. Shy toddler? No problem! Cranky husband? I got you, mama! 

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