CT Fall Family Photos in Simsbury, CT | Sharon Leger Photography

CT Fall Family Photos – Simsbury, Connecticut 2022

CT Fall Family Photos in Simsbury, CT | Sharon Leger Photography

I first met this family in October of 2020 when their daughter was born. Since then, we have gotten together every year for CT fall family photos. Every year, we try a new location, which I love as a CT family photographer. Last year, we did CT fall family photos at Topsmead State Forest in Litchfield, CT (link). This year, we decided to try a new location in Simsbury, CT

CT Fall Family Photos: Family Session Prep 

The reason I love working with this family is because they are ready to go with the flow for CT fall family photos. With a two year old, that is the kind of attitude you need to have going into your session! Unfortunately, we weren’t able to coordinate a time for the mom to come in to see the Client Closet. Because she is return client, she knew her size and trusted my opinion. She sent me some options that she liked and I gave her some feedback. 

From there, we were able to decide on what her husband and young daughter should wear for CT fall family photos. Right before her session, the mom got nervous that her daughter wouldn’t wear her dress. I assured her that we would be able to make it happen. If she wouldn’t put the dress on for her mom, there was a good chance I could negotiate it on her. Luckily, it wasn’t a problem and my presence made getting dressed quick and easy.

CT Fall Family Photos in Simsbury, CT | Sharon Leger Photography

CT Fall Family Photos: The Session

As a CT family photographer, I have a lot of tricks for making sure you get the most out of your session. With a toddler, you never know how much time you are going to need. And we are always racing that sunset! That is why I prioritize the shots the way that I do, to make sure we get all of the priorities at the beginning of the session. Then, everything after that is a bonus! 

For CT fall family photos, I absolutely loved the colors this family chose. The ivory, blue pattern and rust colors went seamlessly together and were a gorgeous contrast to the location. 

One of my favorite aspects about this location is that it is fairly small. There isn’t a lot of walking to do, which is important when photographing a toddler. That being said, there are a few special spots that make this location truly unique. And, there is just enough walking, to break up the session for a two-year old.

Towards the end of the session, the toddler was no longer interested in taking photos. That was absolutely fine! We had already gotten our priority shots and now it was time for some candids. CT fall family photos tend to have some of my favorite lighting, so we were truly able to capture some sweet moments. 

CT Fall Family Photos in Simsbury, CT | Sharon Leger Photography

CT Fall Family Photos: After the Session 

After this CT fall family photo session, I couldn’t wait to share the images with the clients. Even though in the moment a session with a toddler can feel messy, I am able to work magic. Parents are always so surprised at how much we can capture in such a short amount of time. 

After I delivered their gallery, this mom shared with me: “Thank you, Sharon! Beautiful work as always! We love the pictures and can’t wait to frame and share them with everyone! I’ll be in touch to schedule our session next year when I start to see your emails with signups. 🙂 I’ll share glowing reviews on social media ASAP. I hope the rest of your sessions for the season go well! We look forward to working with you again!” 

Ah, these words are truly music to my ears as a CT family photographer. I am so grateful for such awesome clients. We have so much fun together!

CT Fall Family Photos in Simsbury, CT | Sharon Leger Photography

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