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Mini Sessions vs. Standard Sessions

With the busy spring season quickly approaching, many clients question whether they want one of the mini sessions offered throughout the year or a standard session. There are definite benefits to both types of sessions. It’s certainly important to think about your desired end result, your family and your budget.

Your Family and Mini Sessions

One of the best things about mini sessions is that they are quick! For example, if you have a significant other that isn’t keen on the idea of having pictures done, a mini session may be a great length. Similarly, if you have young children that get restless quickly, a mini session may also be the perfect fit for you. Standard sessions are great for couples wanting engagement pictures or have a family with older children. Standard sessions definitely allow for more laid-back sessions with more posing, variety and customization.

Mini Session Final Images

The next thing to consider is: what is your plan for the images that come from this session? Are you planning to make a canvas to hang above your fireplace? Invitations for a birthday party? Or are you not even sure yet? If you are wanting a very specific type of image, it may be worth it to invest in a standard session. This will allow you more time and a more individualized session. If you are looking to capture some special moments and details to share on social media, a mini-session may be a more cost-effective way to do this.

Photography Budget & Projection

In conclusion, you should consider if having pictures of your family on display is a priority of yours. We actually dedicate an annual budget for this purpose. Each year, my family plans to do one family session in the spring/summer/fall. Then sometimes we will consider a session in November for our Christmas cards. If you are like our family, you may want to aim to do a standard session sometime within the year. You are u are more likely to put those pictures on display that aren’t holiday-themed. For your Christmas cards, a quick mini session will be perfect. Or maybe you have a one-year old who is changing faster than you can believe, and three mini-sessions over the course of the year matches your budget and needs. Thinking out a year ahead can help you to make a decision that matches your needs and your budget.

Still unsure? Reach out to your photographer to discuss some of the above mentioned aspects of your session. With their experience, they should be able to guide you in the right direction and help you to keep your budget on track, your family happy and get you the quality-images you desire.

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