Outdoor Family Cake Smash | Canton CT Family Photographer

Field Cake Smash | Canton Connecticut Baby Photographer

As a Canton, Connecticut baby photographer, I have had the incredible pleasure of capturing countless heartwarming moments for families. Recently, I had the joy of documenting a delightful outdoor cake smash in the picturesque fields of Simsbury. The experience was not only a celebration of the baby’s first birthday. It was also a testament to the beauty of outdoor photography. Not to mention, the unforgettable moments that unfold in nature!

Outdoor Family Cake Smash | Canton CT Family Photographer

Setting the Scene

Simsbury, Connecticut, with its sprawling fields and scenic landscapes, provided the perfect backdrop for this special family milestone. The vibrant colors of nature, the gentle breeze, and the soft sunlight filtering through the trees created an enchanting atmosphere that added a touch of magic to the entire photoshoot.

The Cake Smash Experience: Canton Connecticut Baby Photographer

The concept of a cake smash has become a popular way to commemorate a child’s first birthday. It’s a delightful mix of curiosity, joy, and a touch of messiness that results in candid and priceless photographs. As the family photographer, I couldn’t have been more excited to capture the anticipation and excitement in the baby’s eyes as the beautifully decorated cake took center stage.

Outdoor Family Cake Smash | Canton CT Family Photographer

Candid Moments and Laughter

The joyous laughter and sheer happiness that filled the air during this outdoor cake smash were truly contagious. The baby, adorned in a charming outfit, eagerly explored the cake, discovering the fascinating textures and flavors. The family looked on with a mix of amusement and love, creating an atmosphere of pure bliss that translated into heartwarming photographs.

Natural Beauty Enhancing the Experience

The natural surroundings of Simsbury enhanced every frame, creating a storybook-like quality to the photographs. The golden hour sunlight cast a warm glow on the family, highlighting their genuine emotions and creating a timeless feel to the images. The open fields and lush greenery allowed for dynamic shots, showcasing the baby’s infectious giggles and the family’s genuine connection.

Outdoor Family Cake Smash | Canton CT Family Photographer

Professionalism in Action: Canton Connecticut Baby Photographer

As a Canton, Connecticut baby photographer, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for the family is my top priority. From scouting the location to coordinating the wardrobe choices, I work closely with my clients to create a personalized experienced. This particular outdoor cake smash was no exception. The mom chose her dress from the Client Closet. One of her daughter’s dresses was also a part of the Client Closet collection. The result was a collection of photographs that perfectly encapsulated the love and joy shared by the family.

Preserving Memories

Photography is not just about capturing moments; it’s about preserving memories that families can cherish for a lifetime. The outdoor cake smash in Simsbury provided an ideal canvas for creating a visual narrative of this precious milestone. From the initial excitement to the cake-covered smiles, every frame told a unique story. I love that this family can revisit and relive this experience for years to come.


As a Canton, Connecticut baby photographer, the outdoor cake smash in Simsbury was a true testament to the magic that happens when beautiful moments, a loving family, and nature come together. The joy, laughter, and genuine connections captured during this photoshoot will undoubtedly serve as a timeless reminder of the beauty found in celebrating life’s milestones amidst the natural wonders of Connecticut’s outdoor landscapes.

Outdoor Family Cake Smash | Canton CT Family Photographer

Why Choose Sharon As Your Canton Connecticut Baby Photographer?

With over five years of experience, Sharon Leger is a family and newborn photographer with a private studio in Canton, Connecticut. As a former teacher, Sharon prides herself on connecting with her clients of all ages and creating a stress-free photography experience for busy moms. Sharon’s newborn studio is in Canton, Connecticut and serves the Farmington Valley, Hartford County and Litchfield County. 

What makes your first year portraits and cake smash session with Sharon Leger Photography unique? All you have to bring is your baby and the clothes that you would like him or her to wear while smashing the cake. Sharon will provide everything else! Your cake is provided by Home Sweet Home Bakery in Burlington, CT and can be completely customized to your set. You and Sharon will work together to plan your cake smash session together, from start to finish.  

To learn more about Sharon Leger Photography, you are invited to explore the website or follow Sharon on Instagram or Facebook. Please send inquiries through the website only. Please note that the website includes all relevant pricing and booking information.

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