Choosing a CT Newborn Photographer

You’ve finally decided that you want to book a newborn session to help capture those early days of infancy – hooray! Now it’s time to find a CT newborn photographer that helps to meet your needs and expectations. Here are some questions to consider before booking:

Canton Connecticut Newborn Photographer || Sharon Leger Photography

Question 1: Are they a CT Newborn photographer?

This may seem like a silly question, I have heard of people going to their wedding photographers and asking them to do a newborn session for them. While there is nothing inherently wrong with that, I truly get nervous when photographers are handling newborns that don’t have the proper equipment, training or experience. Please, please, please be sure that the photographer you hire is trained in newborn safety. Not only have I been trained and certified in newborn safety, but I have also mentored extensively alongside two internationally known newborn photographers. Your newborn’s safety always needs to be the first priority.

Question #2: Are they parents themselves?

Again, this seems like a strange question but it is one you may want to consider. I would only want someone handling my newborn that has had the experience of knowing how it feels to pass your child to another person. Parents also have a unique perspective and a lot of experience with baby-handling.

Canton Connecticut Studio Newborn Photographer || Sharon Leger Photography

Question #3: What kind of look am I going for?

Once you’ve gotten past these two non-negotiable questions, take the time to look through a potential photographer’s newborn portfolio. All newborn photographers have different specialties and you want to make sure that you are getting what you want from your session.

Question #4: What kind of experience am I hoping to have?

Are you hoping to have someone come to your house? Would you rather go to a local studio and relax while the photographer works their magic? Do you want to be in the pictures? Definitely think about what you would want your ideal session to look like and then review your photographer’s packages to see if those are options they offer.

Canton Connecticut Newborn Photographer || Sharon Leger Photography

Question #5: Do our personalities match?

This can be a tricky thing to find out, but I would recommend first looking at the photographer’s social media and website. If things feel good on those fronts, I would suggest reaching out to them to see what kind of reception you receive. Are they eager to chat with you? Do they return your emails? Are they organized? Are they providing you with answers before you’ve even asked the questions? These things all matter in your newborn session experience!

Question #6: How much am I willing to invest in this experience?

At the end of the day, your decision may come down to the investment that you are able to make. Remember, a newborn photographer that is safety trained, licensed, insured and has the most high-quality equipment and studio space is going to cost a little more than a photographer that will meet you at the local park and took pictures of her nephew once. I always remind clients that you will never get a do-over of your newborn’s first few weeks. Because of this, you want to make a choice that feels best for you.

Canton Connecticut Newborn Photographer || Sharon Leger Photography

Question #7: What are other people saying about this CT newborn photographer?

Whenever I hire a professional, I immediately check out what other people are saying in their reviews. The best places to start are usually on Google and Facebook. I scan through to see if someone is reflecting on an experience similar to mine. For example, someone with a young family who booked a beach session. I am always curious to see what thoughts they have. It’s definitely not about the number of reviews someone has. Take the time to read through a few to get a sense of what themes emerge about this person. It’s even better if you have friends with firsthand accounts that can give you some recommendations of professionals they have worked with.

Thinking through all of this and being pregnant at the same time can be a daunting task. However, it will be so worth it, especially if you do it before your baby arrives. If you’re really not sure, reach out to a few newborn photographers and see where your maternal instinct leads you – it’s real and you’ll be exercising it a lot very soon!

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