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Expert Tips to Rock Your CT Mini Session

Finally, your mini session day has arrived and you and your family are ready to go! I have hosted more than a dozen mini-session dates to date. From experience, here are some of my favorite tips to help you rock your CT mini session: 

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Tip #1: Hair and Make-Up

This is for you, Mom! Do you have to get your hair and make-up done before your session? Definitely not. BUT, stop and think. When is the last time you’ve been pampered? For me, having my hair and make-up done before a session gives me that extra boost of confidence. I end up LOVING my pictures because I love the way I felt at the session.

You already invested in the session. It doesn’t hurt to invest a little further to ensure you are happy with the end result. It took me awhile to learn this lesson, but now it’s not even an option in my mind. Hair and make-up artists are skilled at what looks best on camera. They will make sure that you are bursting to share your pictures with family and friends.

Tip #2: Plan Outfits Around an Event

Another way to win at your mini session is to plan your family’s wardrobe around another event. Are you going to a wedding this summer? Perfect! When you are choosing outfits for the wedding, keep your mini-session in mind so that your outfits can do double-duty. I promise no one is going to notice that you doubled up and you’ll be able to save some money … maybe for your hair and make-up! 

CT Mini Session Photographer in Canton, Connecticut || Sharon Leger Photography

Tip #3: Bring a Grandparent

Are you worried how your little ones are going to act at your session? Bring Grandma or Grandpa along! I always have an assistant with me on mini session days, but something about a familiar face can bring your session from good to great. It never hurts to have an extra set of hands and the grandparents love getting to be a part of the experience. 

Tip #4: Bribes

As a former teacher and current parent of young children, I have different opinions on using bribes as a general practice. That being said, family photo sessions are ABSOLUTELY the place to bring all the bribes – literally! Last summer, I told my children they would earn an ice cream after their session if they did well (they were 3 and 5 at the time). Epic fail. They were too young to understand the idea of later, and when they cooperated and didn’t immediately get rewarded, they lost interest fast.

We learned an expensive lesson and the following year, we brought each girl a toy doll that they had been wanting for ages. Before the session, we showed them the doll, then put it in the trunk with the understanding of clear expectations. Granted, the girls were a year older at this point but it worked like a charm. All we had to do was remind them gently of the doll and we had a fantastic session. I always recommend deciding on bribes ahead of time. Sometimes parents don’t and by the end of the session, they have promised their children a trip to Disney World and it’s still not working. 

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Tip #5: Plan Your Day Strategically Around Your CT Mini Session

Finally, on the day of your mini session, be strategic about other activities that happen throughout the day. When clients come to their session and already exhausted from three birthday parties and a soccer game, it may not be the recipe for success you were hoping for. On mini session days, it’s always a good idea to have a low-key day. Definitely prioritize naps when necessary so that everyone is set up to succeed. 

Final Words About Your CT Mini Session

CT mini sessions are meant to be fun, quick family experiences and none of the above recommendations will necessarily make or break your session. However, it sometimes helps to think a few of these aspects through ahead of time to help your session be as successful as possible. 

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