Hi, I'm Sharon!

Do you remember those days before your kiddos were born, when you fantasized about Pinterest nurseries, homemade baby food, and homeschooling your child using only Montessori materials? 

Yeah, me too.

Now you’re negotiating with your four-year old to clean her room, calling macaroni and cheese from the box a dinner win and trying not to hit the gas pedal too hard at preschool drop off. 

I see you. I am in this season right beside you. And together, we can pause time to take a moment to celebrate this fleeting time, to show you the beauty that you have created through your motherhood journey and probably even get you a new Facebook profile picture while we’re at it!   

I’m Sharon, the face behind the camera (and the mask!). I am an enthusiastic family photographer based out of Canton, CT. Since 2018, I have been serving busy moms just like you, who are wishing for that one picture that mirrors back to you what you have been trying so hard to create - a joyful, happy family. I am so lucky to be able to use my experiences of being a girl mom and an elementary school teacher to help you create a fun-filled family experience that you will be able to look back on with a smile for years to come. 

When I’m not busy being a mom and a wife, I’m usually taking a “Mommy time-out” in the dollar section of Target where I am rationalizing bringing home colorful things that I don’t need or sipping my mocha from Giv coffee in my quiet studio while planning my next big idea in a composition notebook. 

– Sharon

dying to know more?

Some facts about me:

and I’ve seen every single one, at least four times. And yes, I still sob uncontrollably at the last episode like it’s 2003. 

#achiever. Enough said. 

in a rental car full of strangers with my husband to get to my best friend’s wedding when our flight was cancelled.

to workout, drink coffee and make a plan for the day. And yes, the last digit of my alarm clock is always set to an odd number. 

thanks to AOL Instant Messenger in middle school. 

On Mother’s Day, my daughter came home with an interview about her mom. It asked "What is something your mom says a lot?" and my daughter response was “What’s the plan?” I’ve never read a more accurate description of myself in my life. 

the garage door open or a candle burning. I always go back and never once have any of these things been done. 

since before they were born. 

and I almost didn’t go on a date with him because of it (my mom was actually the one who told me to get over it!). 

and can finish a book in an afternoon, especially if it is an Elin Hilderbrand beach read. I can’t get enough. 

when you're sitting on the couch. It makes me tear up every time. 

but really I just wear yoga pants and rotate the same four sweatshirts every week.

David Allen’s book “Getting Things Done” changed my life. 

There are 10 seasons and 236 episodes of friends

I am an Enneagram 3

I once drove across Texas in the middle of the night

I wake up at 4:01am every morninG

I can type 146 words per minute 

"What's the plan?"

I live in constant fear that I left the hair straightener on,

I have written my daughters a letter once a week

My husband is seven years older than I am

I am a speed reader

Our rescue dog, Callie, will come and give you a hug 

I like to tell people that I have a capsule wardrobe...

I am a personal development junkie

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