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CT Baby Photographer | Sharon Leger Photography | Family and Newborn Photographer

The one session that I regret not doing when my kids were younger was a studio sitter session or a six month photo shoot. My husband and I booked a newborn session and a cake smash session, but skipped the one in between. Looking back, we didn’t think we needed it. Now, as a CT baby photographer, I strongly recommend that you consider one. 

Why should you consider a studio sitter session with a CT baby photographer? First, this is such a fleeting time. Just like the newborn stage, your child only sits (and doesn’t crawl away!) for a small window of time. Second, this is the time before stranger danger sets in. This usually occurs around 8 months old. At that point, it is much more challenging to get those big smiles. And finally, so much of their personality is shining through. Again, as a CT baby photographer, most newborns don’t tend to show off their personality at their newborn session. But a six month photo shoot is a whole different story! 

CT Baby Photographer: The Studio Sitter Session

I first met this little guy at his studio newborn session back in August. Six months later, his mom reached out, wanting to book his milestone session at the studio. I was more than happy to get them on the calendar for his six month photo shoot.

When the family arrived, I had set up 4-5 different sets, with matching outfits. I spent some time getting to know this baby boy and then we started his six month photo shoot. Honestly, the hardest part about a boy sitter session is all of the changing of outfits! This little guy did such a great job of giving us big smiles. He was in and out of all of the sets in just half an hour. 

At the end of the studio sitter session, the mom asked if we could incorporate a special onesie to surprise his dad with for Father’s Day. I thought that was a great idea! So we worked in the onesie into the final images. Then I sent the images to the mom separate from her gallery so that she could surprise him for Father’s Day.  

CT Baby Photographer | Sharon Leger Photography | Family and Newborn Photographer

Why You Want To Book a Studio Sitter Session

If you are debating booking a studio sitter session, I promise you, you want to do it! This milestone session is much more challenging if you wait a few months. And your little one won’t be quite this little again! So go ahead mama, book your six month photo shoot. You won’t regret it!

CT Baby Photographer | Sharon Leger Photography | Family and Newborn Photographer

Your CT Baby Photographer 

With over five years of experience, Sharon Leger is a family and newborn photographer with a private studio in Canton, Connecticut. As a former teacher, Sharon prides herself on connecting with her clients of all ages and creating a stress-free photography experience for busy moms. Sharon serves the Farmington Valley, Hartford County and Litchfield County. 

What makes your child’s sitter session with Sharon Leger Photography unique? First, all you have to bring is your baby and Sharon will provide everything else! When you arrive at the studio, you will be able to see the props and outfits that have been carefully selected for your child. Second, we will have fun! Six months is such a fun age, where your child hasn’t quite settled into stranger danger yet. There is nothing better than getting those sweet, gummy smiles captured for years to come! 

To learn more about Sharon Leger Photography, you are invited to explore the website or follow Sharon on Instagram or Facebook. Please send inquiries through the website only. Please note that the website includes all relevant pricing and booking information.

CT Baby Photographer | Sharon Leger Photography | Family and Newborn Photographer

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