Baby girl at CT newborn session

CT Newborn Session Spotlight

One of my favorite aspects of my website is the featured galleries section. Have you had a chance to check it out? This is where I can highlight recent galleries that I have loved. I wanted to take some time to spotlight different sessions to help you get an idea of what happens behind the scenes of a CT newborn session.

CT Newborn Session: Sibling Pictures

This CT newborn session has a special place in my heart because this beautiful little nugget is my niece! My sister, brother-in-law and two-year old niece welcomed Miss Madi to their family in February 2021. They arrived at the studio and with a rambunctious 2-year old, we knew we had to get started right away! While the mom chose her Client Closet dress and got dressed, Dad and I got to work with the kiddos. Dad dressed the big sister in her dress from the Client Closet while I swaddled up Madi. 

Baby girl at CT newborn session

We started with sibling pictures on a flokati rug (how CUTE are they!?). Once Mom was ready to join in on the fun, we got a variety of family shots using the bed and the white, shiplap backdrop. After family shots, it was time to get pictures of just Madi with each of her parents. For Dad, I had him holding her against the backdrop with a variety of poses. Mom actually did a dress change while Dad was doing his pictures. I always encourage adding a dress change during your session if you can, because it adds such variety to your gallery. 

Parent Shots

Finally, it was Mom’s turn for parent shots with Madi. She did a few classic ones against the white backdrop, and then added a floor pose on a flokati rug. 

Baby girl at CT newborn session  | Sharon Leger Photography | Canton, CT Newborn and Family Photographer

CT Newborn Session: Individual Newborn Posing

After the family aspect of the session was done, Dad took Big Sister off on an adventure (the studio can feel very small very quickly). Mom was able to change back into her clothes while I got started with Madi. Because I have been trained in a variety of wrapping techniques, I am able to swaddle your child differently, with different wraps, usually without waking them up. I have all of the props set up ahead of time, so it’s just a question of re-swaddling and moving onto the next set. After we used the props, it was time to transition to the bean bag. The bean bag portion of the session involves taking off your little one’s diaper and posing them strategically so you can see all of those cute little features. 

Baby girl at CT newborn session | Sharon Leger Photography | Canton, CT Newborn and Family Photographer

During every CT newborn session, there are always breaks for your little one to eat and for diaper changes, as needed. You are more than welcome to help yourself to the beverages (including hot coffee!) available at the studio. An average newborn session takes about 2-3 hours, so I always encourage parents to have a back-up plan for siblings and to bring their phone chargers or a book! You are always welcome to pump at the studio, as well. 

Overall, this was one of my longer sessions, taking about 3.5 hours. Within a week, Mom and Dad made their choices of images that they wanted to have edited and I couldn’t be more in love with their final gallery. 

Baby girl at CT newborn session | Sharon Leger Photography | Canton, CT Newborn and Family Photographer

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