What is a Sitter Session?

Sitter session, first year session, milestone session – they are all the same! A sitter session is a studio session that occurs between 6 and 9 months. This is when your little one is sitting on his or her own, but not crawling yet. 

Baby, Child and Family Photographer | Sharon Leger Photography || Canton, CT

Capturing the Details 

At your session, your baby is the star of the show. Unlike their newborn session where they were asleep the majority of the time, their sitter session is their chance to show off their interactive personalities. Gummy smiles, drool and first teeth popping through are just a few of the details that we can capture together.


When designing a set for this type of session, I tend to think very simply and minimally. Elaborate set-ups are used for your newborn session and for cake smash sessions. But this session is all about your little one and the person that they are becoming.

Oftentimes, there will be a backdrop and a prop for your child to sit in (a bowl, a basket, small chair, etc.). I provide all of the props and outfits for this session. All that you need to bring is your baby (and maybe some things that you know they love). 

Baby, Child and Family Photographer | Sharon Leger Photography || Canton, CT


If you book your sitter session with me, you will have access to my full client closet for your little one. I have clothes that range from 6-18 months. The items are carefully curated to make sure that they are high-quality and will help reflect the personality of your little one.

I tend to go on the more simple side and am drawn to neutral colors and small prints. You will also have access to headbands and hats, if you are interested in adding those to your session as well. I always encourage parents to practice putting headbands, hood and hats on their little one before their session so that they’re not too caught off-guard by it at their session. 

The Sitter Session Experience

Finally, the best part about your sitter session is interacting with your child. We will sing, dance, make funny faces, play peek-a-boo and watch “Baby Shark” videos on repeat. It’s all part of the sitter session experience! Seeing your child’s eyes light up as they laugh at us makes it all worth it. 

Baby, Child and Family Photographer | Sharon Leger Photography || Canton, CT

Planning Your Sitter Session

The only challenging part about a sitter session is scheduling it. Again, you want your child to be able to sit on their own with confidence. That’s hard to put on the calendar too far in advance. If you enroll in my first year package, I will reach out to you at about six months and remind you to let me know when your child starts sitting independently, or is really close. We can then book a date from there. You definitely don’t want to wait too long though, because once they’re on the move, there’s no stopping them! 

If you’re curious to see what a sitter session looks like, these are some of my sitter favorites.

If you are interested in a sitter session, be sure to reach out around 5 months so that you are on my radar since all children develop at different rates.

You will quickly see why sitter sessions are my absolute favorite! 

Baby, Child and Family Photographer | Sharon Leger Photography || Canton, CT

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