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What To Wear for Spring 2023 Family Photos

Spring is in the air and it’s time to start planning what to wear for spring family photos. Use these tips to help create a cohesive look for your family pictures. And remember, once you book your spring or summer family session, you’ll receive an even more in-depth seasonal prep guide. As always, I am also available to help with suggestions and feedback.

CT Spring Mini Sessions || Sharon Leger Photography

Choosing Spring Colors

When choosing colors for your outfits, I recommend selecting lighter, neutral tones and more muted shades. Bright, bold or neon colors are distracting and take the focus away from where it should be: YOU! You can never go wrong with light neutral colors like cream, taupe, camel or light gray, especially since spring colors tend to be on more of the vibrant side (think very green grass, rich-colored flowers). Muted shades of soft pink and muted blues look great on camera and give your session a sophisticated feel.  A softer, more pastel-leaning color palette fits beautifully into almost all natural outdoor environments. You may want to avoid wearing green or black for your spring session (especially in Connecticut), as these may blend in too much with the background. 

CT Spring Mini Sessions || Sharon Leger Photography

Planning for the Weather and What to Wear for Spring Family Photos

Ah, spring in Connecticut. It always sounds so lovely but as anyone who has lived in New England before knows, the season can change on you in a minute. I always recommend having a back-up plan in case the morning of your sessions turns out to be colder than you expected. If you are planning on dressing your daughter(s) in a sleeveless dress, you will definitely want to consider a coordinating sweater to put over it and perhaps warm tights. Shoes are also a consideration since there may be mud at the location. 

What to Wear at CT Spring Mini Sessions || Sharon Leger Photography


Once you have done the hard work of choosing outfits, now comes the fun part: accessorizing! You want to be very careful with this, it is definitely a fine balance and you can always ask me for feedback if you feel like you may have overdone it. But one way to really make your wardrobe pop is to add a few fun accessories – a statement necklace, a bow tie, a hat, a scarf. This is also a cost-effective way of adding a little something to simple outfits so that the simple outfits can be reused and reworn on different occasions. Again, you want to make sure that you are walking a fine line here and not going overboard with accessories, but this can be a nice touch that really helps to customize your session.

CT Spring Mini Sessions || Sharon Leger Photography

Layered Looks

The next time you walk by a store like J. Crew or Banana Republic, you’ll notice the male mannequins and models are always wearing several layers at once. Layers on men look great on camera. Adding extra layers (on men and women!) will bring additional dimension and visual interest to your photos (and will help you stay warm if you spring sessions take a cold turn). Don’t be afraid to get a little creative with layers.

Nothing beats the colors that spring brings to New England. I hope these tips help you decide what to wear for your spring family photos.

Ready to book a spring or summer session? Check out available mini sessions or reach out to book your family portrait session. These sessions book three months in advance.

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