Ct high school senior girl sitting in field of wildflowers

Planning Your CT High School Senior Session

It’s hard to believe, but senior year is right around the corner. It’s time to start planning your CT high school senior session! Here are a few things you may want to think about as you start to plan your session:

CT High School Senior Session Goals

A week before your session, I reach out to you and your parent(s) to find out what your hopes are for the session. I utilize a carefully curated posing system. This helps you get a variety of images of you looking your very best – both naturally and posed (you’re welcome, Grandma!). But is there anything in particular you’re looking for? Are you looking for a variety of casual pictures for your Instagram feed? Or are you looking for a professional headshot that you could share in future applications? This might change the clothing you select and the props that we use.

What To Wear

Because a CT high school senior session involves just one subject, incorporating an outfit change is very easy and can help add a lot of variety to your gallery. I encourage seniors to choose one casual outfit and one dressier outfit so that the pictures can be used in any scenario for the next few years. I work closely with you on an individual level to help you choose items that match your style.


Props are definitely not necessary during a traditional senior session, but you may want to consider if there is anything important you want to include in your session. For example, if baseball is your passion, it might be nice to include a glove and ball in a few pictures. If your truck is the place where you spend most of your time these days, bring it! Your dog is your best friend? Bring her along! While props aren’t necessary, they can add personal touches that you and your family will love to look back on.

CT High School Senior Session Location

Finally, location is an important part of your senior session. A lot can be done with a little background, so this isn’t worth putting a ton of stress on. Even backyards or local fields can be the perfect spot to capture your memories. That being said, you can also think outside the box. We can meet at a local playground, hiking trail, park or even library. No clue where to go? I will provide you with a list of places that I have successfully shot senior sessions at and we can go from there.

And finally, take a deep breath. This is such a special transition in your life and we are going to have fun together, I promise!

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