Topsmead Maternity Session | Canton CT Client Closet

Topsmead Maternity Session | Canton CT Client Closet

A Maternity Session at Topsmead State Forest

As a photographer, every session is an opportunity to create timeless memories, but some sessions hold a special place in the heart. Recently, I had the pleasure of capturing the radiant glow of an expectant mother amidst the picturesque landscape of Topsmead State Forest. The anticipation of a baby girl, borrowed dresses from my Canton CT Client Closet, and a surprise thunderstorm all added to the enchantment of this maternity session.

Topsmead Maternity Session | Canton CT Client Closet

Canton CT Client Closet Magic

One of the perks my clients enjoy is access to the exclusive Client Closet, a curated collection of dresses that enhances the beauty of each maternity session. Topsmead State Forest, located in Canton, CT, served as the perfect backdrop for our photo shoot. The mom-to-be, adorned in a flowing gown from the Client Closet, looked ethereal against the vibrant hues of the forest.

A Radiant Mom Expecting a Baby Girl

As a photographer, there’s something magical about capturing the glow on the face of an expectant mother, especially when she’s eagerly awaiting the arrival of a little princess. The chosen dresses from the Client Closet not only accentuated the mom’s radiant beauty but also added an element of softness to the photographs, reflecting the tender connection between a mother and her unborn child.

Topsmead Maternity Session | Canton CT Client Closet

Nature’s Canvas: Topsmead State Forest

Topsmead State Forest, with its sprawling meadows and enchanting woodlands, provided the perfect canvas for our maternity session. The vibrant greenery, the serene lake, and the winding trails all played a role in creating a dreamy atmosphere. Each photograph captured against this natural backdrop told a story of love, anticipation, and the beauty of new beginnings.

Unexpected Drama: The Thunderstorm Finale

As the session progressed, nature decided to add its own twist to the narrative. Dark clouds rolled in, announcing the arrival of an unexpected thunderstorm. Instead of panicking, we embraced the spontaneity, capturing the raw beauty of the changing weather. The dark clouds added a touch of romance to the images. This definitely turned an unforeseen challenge into a unique and memorable experience. In the end, it was all absolutely fine. But we definitely dodged raindrops on the way home!

Topsmead Maternity Session | Canton CT Client Closet

Canton CT Client Closet: A Photographer’s Delight

For expecting moms in Canton, CT, the Client Closet is a hidden gem. The carefully curated collection of dresses ensures that each maternity session is elevated to a new level of elegance. The convenience of having access to such a resource allows photographers to focus on the artistry of their craft. It helps so much, knowing that their clients will look and feel extraordinary.

Conclusion: A Story Captured in Frames

As the sun dipped below the horizon, we concluded the maternity session at Topsmead State Forest. The unexpected thunderstorm had turned an already magical experience into an unforgettable adventure. The client’s borrowed dresses from the Canton CT Client Closet, the expecting mom, and the drama of nature all combined to create a story told through the lens. This is the beginning of a story of love, anticipation, and the beauty of embracing the unpredictable.

Topsmead Maternity Session | Canton CT Client Closet

In the world of maternity photography, sometimes the most enchanting moments arise when least expected. This makes each session a unique and cherished memory. Topsmead State Forest will forever hold the echoes of laughter, the rustle of leaves, and the magic of a maternity session that unfolded amidst nature’s symphony.

Topsmead Maternity Session | Canton CT Client Closet

Choosing Sharon As Your CT Maternity Photographer

With over five years of experience, Sharon Leger is a family and newborn photographer with a private studio in Canton, Connecticut. As a former teacher, Sharon prides herself on connecting with her clients of all ages and creating a stress-free photography experience for busy moms. Sharon’s studio is in Canton, Connecticut and serves the Farmington Valley, Hartford County and Litchfield County. 

What makes your maternity session with Sharon Leger Photography unique? Sharon has a large selection of maternity gowns that are available to borrow from the Client Closet. Once you have booked your CT maternity session, you are invited to come to the studio for a complimentary dress consultation to meet Sharon and discuss the vision for your session. The gowns from the Client Closet are custom and made specifically for maternity sessions. You are welcome to borrow as many gowns as you like, adding a lot of variety to your final maternity portrait gallery.

To learn more about Sharon Leger Photography, you are invited to explore the website or follow Sharon on Instagram or Facebook. Please send inquiries through the website only. Please note that the website includes all relevant pricing and booking information.

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