Topsmead Fall Maternity Session | Sharon Leger Photography | CT Newborn and Family Photographer

Topsmead Fall Maternity Session | CT Pregnancy Photographer

Topsmead Fall Maternity Session | Sharon Leger Photography | CT Newborn and Family Photographer

So many expecting moms are hesitant about whether they want to do fall maternity photos or not. And as a CT maternity photographer, I totally get it. I have had two babies myself, and I know pregnancy can be hard. You don’t feel like yourself, you definitely don’t think you can possibly look flattering in maternity poses and you’re just so dang tired. I hear you, mama. But honestly, you will be so glad that you put the effort into doing a maternity photo shoot when you hold your new babe in your arms. At that moment, you will realize that you are no longer pregnant and that season has passed. My maternity clients are always so grateful at their CT newborn sessions that they made the maternity photo shoot happen. Especially this mom, for her Topsmead fall maternity session.

Topsmead Fall Maternity Session: The Dress Consultation

This expecting couple came to me through another client. I am always so thankful as a CT maternity photographer for clients that refer their friends to me. Inevitably, we are always a perfect match and get spectacular results. This experience was exactly that! I met this expecting mom at her dress consultation at my studio in Canton, CT. She actually decided to book not only her maternity session with me, but also the first year collection. That means, she gets a discounted newborn, sitter and cake smash sessions. In addition, I will reach out to her before these important milestones, so she has one less thing on her mind! 

At this mom’s dress consultation, we really hit it off. She was nervous that she wouldn’t find a flattering dress for her maternity session. And let me tell you, she left with four solid options that she loved! Dress consultations are such an important part of my process as a Connecticut maternity photographer. I swear by them! This casual drop-in allows me to get to know you, before our session. And most importantly, it helps you get to know me! I have noticed that clients seem so much more relaxed at their session when we have chatted beforehand. Clients that have booked dress consultations also trust me, since I give them honest feedback about dress choices.

Topsmead Fall Maternity Session | Sharon Leger Photography | CT Newborn and Family Photographer

Topsmead Fall Maternity Session: The Session

As a Connecticut maternity photographer, I always encourage expecting moms to pick more dresses than we will probably get to. Why? Because especially when there is no toddler involved, we can actually get through a lot of maternity poses fairly quickly. I would rather have too many dresses than run out of options. Also, I love the variety that multiple dresses can give you for your session. 

For this session, we had the most gorgeous night. It wasn’t too hot or too cold, pure perfection. My favorite part as a Connecticut maternity photographer was that this couple was up for anything! They trusted me with all of the maternity poses and I loved the end result. Not to mention, the light was just magical at Topsmead State Forest for them. It definitely got chilly as soon as the sun went down, but it was worth it for the photos we got!

Topsmead Fall Maternity Session | Sharon Leger Photography | CT Newborn and Family Photographer

Booking Your CT Maternity Photo Shoot

Finally, I always recommend that you book a maternity session with the photographer that you are using for your newborn photos. I suggest this as a Connecticut maternity photographer for a variety of reasons. First, it helps you get to know your photographer. In a few short months (or weeks!), you will be trusting them with your newborn. You will feel so much more confident if you have had a chance to get to know them! Second, the maternity session gives us a chance to brainstorm more about what you want your newborn session to look like. Sometimes, we’ll be struck with inspiration after something that is said during your maternity session. And finally, it will make it so that your newborn and maternity galleries are cohesive. If you want to put these images up in a nursery, it will help so much to have the shots taken by the same photographer. 

I am so excited to work with this family in January when their little girl arrives!

Topsmead Fall Maternity Session | Sharon Leger Photography | CT Newborn and Family Photographer

Booking Your CT Maternity Session

With over five years of experience, Sharon Leger is a family and newborn photographer with a private studio in Canton, Connecticut. As a former teacher, Sharon prides herself on connecting with her clients of all ages and creating a stress-free photography experience for busy moms. Sharon’s newborn studio is in Canton, Connecticut and serves the Farmington Valley, Hartford County and Litchfield County. 

What makes your maternity session with Sharon Leger Photography unique? Sharon has a large selection of maternity gowns that are available to borrow from the Client Closet. Once you have booked your CT maternity session, you are invited to come to the studio for a complimentary dress consultation to meet Sharon and discuss the vision for your session. The gowns from the Client Closet are custom and made specifically for maternity sessions. You are welcome to borrow as many gowns as you like, adding a lot of variety to your final maternity portrait gallery.

To learn more about Sharon Leger Photography, you are invited to explore the website or follow Sharon on Instagram or Facebook. Please send inquiries through website only. Please note that the website includes all relevant pricing and booking information.

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