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Topsmead Maternity Photos with best CT Family Photographer | Sharon Leger Photography

I absolutely love it when clients’ share their experiences with their friends. Word-of-mouth referrals are so important to me and my business. That is how Jenny and Jared were introduced to me. Their friend posted her maternity pictures on her social media pages. Jenny told me the moment she saw them, she knew that she had to book her maternity photos and her newborn photos with me.

Topsmead Maternity Photos: Planning the Session 

Jenny and I chatted over email and set up an appointment for a dress consultation at my studio in Canton, Connecticut. She brought her mom for a second opinion. My favorite part was that she was open-minded and ready to try on anything from the Client Closet

We worked together to decide on the best dresses to match Jenny’s vision for her maternity photos. Once we selected her dresses, it was time to choose a location! I sent Jenny my favorite locations that I love as a CT family photographer. Based on her dresses, we decided to do Topsmead maternity photos in Litchfield, CT

Topsmead is one of my most requested locations. And for good reason! Topsmead is gorgeous in all seasons of the year. It is well-maintained and has gorgeous views of Litchfield county. As a CT family photographer, I love the different flowering trees and gardens that happen all year round. In the winter, my favorite touch is a wooden wall that makes the perfect backdrop, especially for Topsmead maternity photos

Topsmead Maternity Photos with best CT Family Photographer | Sharon Leger Photography

Topsmead Maternity Photos: The Sunset Session  

Because there were so many dresses that Jenny loved, we had a full night! As always, I took a look around Topsmead before Jenny and her husband arrived so that I knew the best spots to shoot in. Our first stop was the tall grass with a classic white dress. Topsmead maternity photos are known for their tall grass, so I knew that would be the best place to get started.

After that, Jenny changed into her second dress. We took advantage of the beautiful mansion and the light peeping through. It doesn’t get better than that! 

One of my favorite things about Topsmead maternity photos is you don’t have to go far to get a different backdrop. We took a few steps, Jenny changed and we had our next location. While we were taking these images, a little boy came around the corner. He gasped when he saw Jenny and said, “Is she a princess?!” That got some real laughs out of Jenny, for sure! It was quickly followed with “But wait, what’s in her belly?” Hilarious! 

Topsmead Maternity Photos with best CT Family Photographer | Sharon Leger Photography

During the Session

The sun was beginning to set at this point, so Jenny changed into the dress we were most excited for. My maternity dresses are custom-dresses, designed specifically for maternity photography. This was the dress Jenny was most excited for. She loved the color and the extended train, perfect for throwing. The best part? Jared did an outfit change too, so we elevated both of their outfits for more formal sunset photos. 

Jared was such a good sport, helping me to make the flying train images happen. We definitely laughed a lot and got exactly what we hoped for. To wrap up the session, Jenny changed into her final dress. Black isn’t usually my favorite color as a CT family photographer. That being said, there’s something perfect about a black dress for Topsmead maternity photos. It just can’t be beat! 

Jenny and Jared danced in the field as the sun set behind them. We couldn’t have asked for a better evening for Topsmead maternity photos! 

Topsmead Maternity Photos with best CT Family Photographer | Sharon Leger Photography

After the Session

I absolutely couldn’t wait to get home and edit these images. When I sent Jenny her sneak peek the next day, she sent me this email:

“Sharon! These are gorgeous!! I got your message while in the car and I just started bawling lol I LOVE them! We had so much fun last night at our session with you. These came out so beautifully. Thank you for sending sneak peeks so quickly! I will not be able to stop looking at these!”

And that is why I am a CT family photographer. It is such an honor to be able to capture these moments with you and your family.

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