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How to Shop the Client Closet – Canton, CT

Once you book your session with Sharon Leger Photography, it’s time to chat about your wardrobe! My goal is to help make busy moms’ lives easier. This is why I started the Client Closet.  You can read all about the Client Closet here to find out what it is. This post is all about how to shop the Client Closet for your session.

How to Shop the Client Closet | Sharon Leger Photography

How to Shop the Client Closet: Step One

Your first step towards the Client Closet is completing the questionnaire. I will send you this approximately 3 months before your session. On this questionnaire, you will indicate whether you are interested in using the Closet or not. Once I know you are interested, I’ll send you two ways that you can shop: 

Close up of neutral colored dresses on hangers for Client Closet

Shop Online

The first way to shop the Client Closet is online. Because the dresses that I purchase are meant to flatter moms, in all stages of life, they are pretty true to size.

Many of my clients shop online, choose 2 options in a similar color palette, and have me bring the dresses to their session. I have tricks the day of your session to cinch a dress that’s a little too loose or too tight. No worries there! 

In-Person Dress Consult

If you’d rather try on some dresses to get an idea of the kind of style you want to go for, you can book a dress consult. Dress consults are held at my studio in Canton, CT on select Wednesday afternoons and evenings. When you get to the studio, I’ll show you around the dresses and make some recommendations based on what you’re looking for. You can try on as many dresses as you like and I am happy to give you feedback.

At this point, some moms choose a dress and then I can help you brainstorm how to coordinate outfits right then and there. Other moms go home to look in their own closets before making the final choice. If you go that route, we can then chat via email about your family’s outfits. 

How to Shop The Client Closet: Getting Your Dress

If you end up deciding to go with a dress from the closet, you can either come pick up your dress within 24 hours of your session (must be arranged with Sharon in advance). You also have the option for me to bring the dress, fully steamed, to your session. I have a pop up tent or you are welcome to change in your car (it’s sometimes easier on a windy day). 

Newborn Session Note

For newborn sessions, I typically don’t do dress consultations. This is because your body will change SO much during delivery that it’s hard to predict what might look good when you are no longer pregnant. All of my dresses are available, from XS to XXXL on site for this purpose, so you can size up or size down as needed. Also, because your session is indoors, the length of the dress doesn’t matter as much and we can make modifications in the studio, if necessary. 

Final Details

And that’s it! Again, my goal is to make your life easier with the Client Closet. You can use it as much or as little as you wish. Be sure to poke around the Dad’s section, and even some kid options are available in small sizes. Please note that not ALL clothes for men and children are at the studio, so please let Sharon know ahead of time if you want to look into those options so they can be made available.

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