Newborn boy in navy swaddle with teddy bear

The Morning Of Your Newborn Session

The morning of your newborn session has finally arrived! What can you do to prepare for your session? Read on to find out how you can help make your newborn session as successful as possible.

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The Morning Of Your Newborn Session: Directions to Studio

Don’t forget to check on directions to the studio! In your prep guide, I will send you the studio address and your confirmation email will include both the address and my phone number. Be sure to plug the address into your GPS to make sure you’re on track for your arrival time. I always remind parents not to stress about being exactly on time, especially for a newborn session. Leaving the house with a baby is a whole new ball game! This will be discussed more below, but you may also want to plan feedings around your departure time. 

The Morning Of Your Newborn Session: Expectations with Older Siblings

If you have older children, be sure to discuss expectations with them before the session. Depending on their age, you may also want to bring a treat or bribe that they can see. I have a treasure box in the studio reserved for good listeners that you are always welcome to tap into as well. Sessions that go well with older siblings usually involve the parents having very clear expectations. Another pro-tip is to bring two cars if possible. That way, your older child(ren) can leave once the family portraits are complete. 

Newborn boy in navy swaddle with teddy bear

The Morning Of Your Newborn Session: Keep Baby Awake

One of the most challenging prep tips is to try to keep your newborn awake as much as possible in the morning before your session. You can do this with a bath, tummy time or keeping them naked as much as possible. Trying to keep them awake in the car is basically impossible at this stage, so no worries there! This is why the newborn sessions are scheduled for the morning whenever possible. This is less time that you have to keep your little one awake – it’s harder than it sounds! 

The Morning Of Your Newborn Session: Feeding

This is really spelled out in the prep guide that you will receive before your session, but you will want to feed your little one as close to your session time as possible. You are welcome to pump or breastfeed in the studio, and you’re always welcome to come early to do that if it’s more convenient for you. There is always a chance a mid-session feeding will happen (which is encouraged), so don’t stress about feeding your little one before you leave home. If you have a long drive, you may want to plan to do two smaller feedings just to top your little one off when you arrive. 

Mother and father smiling down at newborn boy wrapped in white

When you book your newborn session, the prep guide is filled with tips and tricks for a successful session. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out

I currently only book a select number of newborn sessions to accommodate early and late arrivals. If you are interested in booking a session or checking on availability, feel free to reach out so we can chat. I look forward to hearing from you! 

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