Mother and father smiling at newborn infant daughter at newborn session in Canton, Connecticut

Family Outfits for a Newborn Session

I absolutely love when families participate in their little one’s newborn session. It is such a special time and being able to have these early pictures of your new family is absolutely irreplaceable. One of the biggest questions I get is: what should we plan for family outfits for a newborn session? 

One question that I pose to newborn families is what are you hoping to do with your images? If you want to display them in your home, you may want your outfits to have a more cozy or high-end vibe. Are you picturing these pictures going in the nursery? Maybe you want a more casual vibe. Planning to use these on birth announcements? You may want to be on the dressier side. It’s completely up to you, mama!

Family Outfits for a Newborn Session: Start with the Client Closet 

I recently started offering my clients access to a carefully curated Client Closet. Right now, the focus is mostly on dresses for mom, but I am slowly beginning to add sibling outfits as well. These dresses are picked with new moms in mind and work in your favor to cover up any areas that you may be self-conscious about postpartum. You also may not know what dress size you will be after having your baby. Having a rack of dresses in all sizes will give you the freedom to wear whatever dress feels best without worrying about having to go shopping after you leave the hospital. 

If you choose to plan your own outfit, I always recommend choosing a flowy top or dress. Be assured that I won’t be taking any full body shots, and all of my posing is strategic to be as flattering as possible.

Having had two babies myself, I also recommend that you choose a loose, comfortable outfit. Tight pants aren’t going to be high on your list of things you want to wear two weeks after giving birth. Side note: I brought my pre-pregnancy jeans to the hospital for after delivery. It didn’t go well. So no judgment here, mama!

Finally, don’t forget undergarments! Even if you don’t think you’re going to use the Closet, you may want to bring a strapless bra and cami anyway. Something might catch your eye and you’ll regret not having them! 

Close up of neutral colored dresses on hangers for Client Closet  | Sharon Leger Photography | Canton, CT Newborn and Family Photographer

Your Newborn

This is one thing you definitely don’t have to worry about!

I will swaddle your newborn to make sure that you get the timeless, classic photos that you can display in your home for years to come. If you have a sentimental newborn outfit that you would like pictures in, please just let me know and we will plan to use that at the end of your session.

To be honest, newborns can sometimes look funny in newborn outfits just because they are so tiny. You can always bring it and we’ll figure it out together though! 


I am slowly starting to build my sibling client closet, so I have a few options in sizes 18m-5T. If none of these options work, I encourage neutral outfits (think gray, tan or white). I would avoid patterns as much as possible, as well. I am always working to achieve that timeless look, so logos and patterns can sometimes date a photo. Some of my favorite places to find neutral outfits are Once Upon a Child, Zara, Gap Kids and Old Navy. You can also feel free to send me pictures of any outfits you choose and I’m happy to give you feedback! 

 | Sharon Leger Photography | Canton, CT Newborn and Family Photographer

Your Partner 

Again, I encourage your partner to dress simply and in neutral colors.

For men, a polo or button down shirt is always a great option. I love how Henleys look on camera also. I have a few options available in my Client Closet for men, but please note THAT THESE ARE NOT ALWAYS AT THE STUDIO. So please let me know if you want to make sure something is there.

For women, neutral colors and dresses are the most flattering. 

Mother and father smiling at newborn infant daughter at newborn session in Canton, Connecticut

I am always here to help you as we plan your newborn session together. If you’re considering booking a newborn session, check out my portfolio here. I am currently only booking 3 newborns a month, so definitely reach out sooner rather than later, even if you want to just chat about what you’re envisioning for your session. I can’t wait to work with you and your family!

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