What To Wear To Your 2022 Maternity Session

Congratulations on your little one! Pregnancy is such a magical time. It’s also a scary time, an unknown time and a fleeting time, all at once.

Once you have decided to book your maternity session, the next aspect of your session that you will want to begin to plan is what to wear to your maternity session. Here are some ideas to get you started: 

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Do It Up

Mama, this is the one time (other than your wedding) that you really get to go all out. Let’s do it! Buy the sequin dress, the dress with the long train, WHY NOT!? I usually encourage mom to wear a dress whenever possible.

The more dressed up you are, the more likely you are going to LOVE your images. Think about your social media profile picture. I bet you it’s a picture from a time you had make-up on, hair freshly done, new outfit. These things make us feel beautiful, and that’s exactly how we want you to feel at your maternity session.

And of course, you want your partner to match in the same level of style. So if you are wearing a sequin maternity gown, you will want to encourage your partner to be fairly dressed up. Jeans probably won’t cut it! 

What to Wear To Your Maternity Session: Style

I always suggest using the location to help determine if a color or pattern is more appropriate for a maternity wardrobe. For example, if you are on the beach, there is a lot of the same colors. You may want to break it up with a light pattern. However, if you are in a field of wildflowers, a simple white dress may be a better choice since the background is already bringing in a lot of variety.

You can never go wrong with timeless and classic as well. For maternity sessions, the more form-fitting your dress is, the better. You really want to show off that bump. A flowy dress might make it harder to see the little babe in there. Textures are also always welcome and can come in the form of a shawl (lace, faux fur, etc.) or as an accent on the dress. Some retailers I suggest checking out are Baltic Born or Sew Trendy.

DON’T FORGET! You have access to the Client Closet as a SLP client. Maternity dresses have their own closet and you are more than welcome to book a dress consult to see what you feel best in.

Pregnant mom looking down at belly on path in CT

Two Outfits

Yes, I know. It’s hard enough to plan one outfit, but I want you to have TWO?! Hold on now, don’t get ahead of yourself. No, you don’t HAVE to wear two outfits to your maternity session. But it may be something you want to consider.

If the location you choose is diverse, you may want a more formal dress at the mansion and a more summer-y, casual dress on the beach. If you are in the garden at the beginning of your session, you may want a solid color and then a light pattern once you get into the field. This is just something to think about.

Several clients have actually brought their baby shower dress as their second dress, which makes it cost-effective but also adds variety to their gallery. And don’t forget to try something new with the Client Closet.

What to Wear To Your Maternity Session: Colors 

As with all photo shoots, you will want to select your outfits with both the season and location in mind. Softer hues, such as white, ivory, tan, blush and soft blues, are perfect for spring and summer months when nature is providing a lot of the color.

For cooler months, you can opt for more rich fall and winter colors, such as burgundy, rust and mustard yellow. By thinking about your colors in terms of the season and your location, you will be sure to create a perfect contrast with the natural landscape. 

Hair and Make Up

When my maternity sessions rolled around, I was not feeling confident in my body at all. I used this lack of confidence as an excuse to get my hair and make-up done and I am so glad that I did.

Hair and make-up artists are so good at knowing what looks good on camera, that I put my trust in their hands. Again, the more radiant you feel in your pictures, the more you will love them.

If a blow out can do that for you, go for it! You will think back to that hair appointment fondly during the newborn days, when you wonder when the last time was that you actually showered. 

In conclusion, I recommend dressing up as much as you’re comfortable with for your maternity session. This is such a special time and what you wear will definitely impact how you feel when you look back at your photos and share them one day with your little one. You can never go wrong with classic or timeless looks like these.

As always, reach out to me for personalized feedback about your wardrobe before your session. Giving advice and support to my clients is my love language!

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