Booking A CT Maternity Session

It’s hard for me to find the perfect words to describe what Sharon has given me. I reached out to her when I was thinking about doing maternity photos, and she quickly convinced me that I would not regret it. Being pregnant was something I longed for for many years. I wondered how I would tell my husband when I found out, and how all those sweet kicks and movements would feel. And despite the 9 months of nausea, it felt even more amazing than I ever imagined it would. Sharon was right. Not only do I not regret my maternity photos but I actually love everything about them. Every time I look at them, all of those amazing feelings I felt while I was pregnant come right back as if I’m still in the moment. They are something I will cherish forever

Kim P.
Booking a CT Maternity Session || Sharon Leger Photography || Hartford, CT

Kim first reached out to me in early summer when she was deciding on booking a CT maternity session. She was torn because she wasn’t feeling great and wasn’t convinced if she even wanted to do maternity photos. We chatted about her vision, laid out a potential plan and she was convinced. Outfits were chosen, a location was secured and we had the absolute best time at her maternity session. You can see some of her gallery on my website.

Booking a CT Maternity Session || Sharon Leger Photography || Hartford, CT

Should You Book a Maternity Session?

There are definitely popular reasons why people don’t want to book maternity sessions. As a mom of two, I totally get it! You don’t always feel your best. The exhaustion is real. And honestly, it feels like it could be a hassle. You’d have to find a dress, you’d have to do your hair, you’d want to do your makeup. These are all valid reasons to consider. 

Reasons for Booking a CT Maternity Session

All that being said, I vote you should do it anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I will never pressure a client into doing something they don’t want to do. But stop and think for a minute. This might be your first pregnancy, your rainbow pregnancy, your last pregnancy. Maternity images are the best way to preserve this moment in time. Every time I look at my maternity pictures, I transport right back to that moment of time. The excitement, the fear, the thrill of the unknown. There’s nothing like it and I will always treasure these images for being able to do that for me.

The Best Reason to Book a Maternity Session

Another reason you may want to consider booking a maternity session is because your children will want to see them. Just the other day, my daughter and I sat on the couch and went through her baby book. She marveled at the ultrasound pictures, the funny things I craved (choco tacos, anyone?) and the maternity images. She was so curious to see what I looked like when she was in my stomach and I was grateful that I had a talented photographer capture these for me. 

Booking a Maternity Photographer

A photographer with experience in maternity photos will make you feel your best, even if you’re not feeling it at the time. I have a specific posing system that I follow for maternity sessions (with or without a partner in the images). This allows for you to be posed at flattering angles and will highlight all of the best parts of pregnancy. We’ll also work together to choose your wardrobe and I can give you hair and make up suggestions to help you feel confident. I always had my hair and make-up done for my maternity sessions because I felt it gave me the extra confidence that I needed to rock my session. 

Booking a CT Maternity Session || Sharon Leger Photography || Hartford, CT

You’ll Never Have These Days Back

If this is your first child, your maternity images will be something you look back on as the bridge between not being parents yet and parenthood. Your images will help you remember the anticipation, the kicks and the love you already feel for your unborn babe. If you are considering a maternity session, reach out and let’s chat. We can brainstorm together what your perfect session would look like and decide if we’re a right fit.

You can see my maternity portfolio here and if you’re ready to shoot me a message, you can do that here

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