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Customizing Your CT Studio Newborn Session

Brother and newborn sister lying on rug

Once you have booked your CT studio newborn session with Sharon Leger Photography, you will have the opportunity to complete a questionnaire, in which you have the opportunity to choose colors that you would like included in your studio newborn session to help customize your session.

Close up image of newborn girl wrapped in red wrap with red headband | CT studio newborn session

The Customization Process

When choosing your newborn colors for your CT studio newborn session, you will review the menu of options listed on my website and share your top choices with me in your questionnaire. As you look at the variety of color options, you will want to keep your home decor in mind and how you want to share your final images. If you know you want to hang black and white detail shots in your nursery, color may not be as important. If you have picked out a birth announcement with blush accents, you may want to make sure that the colors you choose will complement the announcement nicely.

Menu of color options for newborn session


This is a process that I am just beginning to implement as I curate a collection of coordinating newborn wraps, backdrops and accessories (tiebacks, headbands, hats). I worked closely with a supplier to make sure that I was providing the highest-quality and variety of color schemes. I want to give my clients that opportunity to personalize their session, instead of relying solely on my selections. Your choices will be the priority during your session, but often I will also include another set that is more seasonal or is newly acquired.

Do I Have To?

Haha, no! My clients often breathe a sigh of relief when they walk in and see their 4-5 newborn sets laid out for them. If you trust my eye and this feels overwhelming for you, just say the word and I will make it happen.

Most Popular Color Options

At the beginning of 2021, the most popular options have been the more neutral palette – gray, cream and white. These give your photos a classic, timeless feel and can be used in any home decor. My other two most requested colors are blush pink and navy blue, especially for parents that don’t know the gender of the baby ahead of time. You really can’t go wrong with any combinations and I am happy to chat with you about any ideas that you might have.

Close up of newborn boy wearing teal hat and wrapped in teal wrap

Props in CT Studio Newborn Session

At this time, I am still maintaining the selection of props for sessions to ensure variety and cohesiveness. My props are openly displayed and you are always welcome to let me know if something catches your eye that you would like to use during your studio newborn session. 

Baby girl with fingers folded, smiling in green

Do you have any favorites from the newborn color schemes menu? Which colors draw your eye?

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