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2022 Studio Newborn Session Updates

Big brother holding baby sister wrapped in white at newborn session

As a mom of two, my heart goes out to any mom that is going through a pandemic pregnancy. I have SO much respect for you. As we all know, pregnancy is hard enough as it is – forget adding a global crisis to it. If you are considering a studio newborn session, here are some updates to set your mind at ease.

I wanted to take a moment to share what a studio newborn session looks like with Sharon Leger Photography during the pandemic. My intentions are to help you make an informed decision. I also want to assure you that your safety and the safety of your newborn is always my number-one priority.

Canton CT Studio Newborn Session | Sharon Leger Photography | Mother kissing newborn daughter

Studio Newborn Session Precautions

Before your studio newborn session in Canton, Connecticut, I clean and sanitize all props, wraps and surfaces. When you arrive at the studio for your newborn session, I will greet you wearing my mask. Then, I will promptly wash my hands before I take your baby to swaddle. Rest assured that I will remain masked during your entire session, as will any assistant that is present. I ask that you do as well, except for when you are being photographed. Another request is that family members that don’t live in your home with you should stay home during your session.

I am happy to share that I am fully vaccinated and boosted. All of my assistants are also vaccinated.

Canton CT Studio Newborn Session | Sharon Leger Photography | Mother and father with newborn daughter


In 2020, so many moms waited until their babies were born to book their sessions. They were nervous about having to predict what the world would be like when their little one arrived. I totally get it! If you are even debating a session, I would reach out to your photographer to discuss your concerns.

For me, it is written in my newborn contract that if the Covid situation changes, you will receive your full retainer back and I would not hesitate with this if you feel uncomfortable. In October of 2020, I ended up having so many babies being born and parents reaching out for sessions that I had to turn two away. I never want to have to do that again! It’s definitely better to reach out so that you’re on my radar, with no pressure to book if it doesn’t feel right in the moment.

Exciting Updates

Finally, I spent the majority of the fall and winter working on curating a variety of props and wraps so that my clients can choose their own colors to match their personal style and decor. This will allow for greater variety in your gallery. To see a sample newborn gallery, click here. On my website, you will find an updated menu of options to choose from and you will let me know in your newborn questionnaire what your top choices are. From there, I will supplement with props and accessories to help your vision come to life. I am so excited to share this opportunity with my clients – so far, it’s been a hit! 

If you are an expecting mom (or dad!) and you’d like to chat more about any of the above information, please never hesitate to reach out. I am an open-book and am happy to discuss anything you’d like (I even have recommendations for cloth diapers and pacifiers, if you want them)! The newborn days, even during a pandemic, are a beautiful thing and these short, fleeting moments deserve to be documented!

Canton CT Studio Newborn Session | Sharon Leger Photography | New family of four

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