Summer family session 2022

The Best Season for 2023 Family Portraits

Yay, you’ve decided to schedule your family portrait session early in 2022 and lock in your month. We’re making this happen! But, which month would be best? Here are a few things to think about when deciding the best season to book your family portrait session in Connecticut:

Family sitting under flowering tree in West Hartford, Connecticut


Ah, spring. After a cold, dark winter, spring pops up in April and May, the sun comes out again. All of us New Englanders finally come out of hibernation. The perks of spring definitely include the colors. The flowers are blooming, nature is bright (think super green grass, vibrant flowers) and pastel colors look amazing. It also doesn’t hurt to have family portraits as gifts for Mother’s and Father’s Day! The downside to booking a spring session include the unpredictability of weather in the spring. Also, if you live in Connecticut, you know it can get cold unexpectedly. Here are some pictures from last spring to get an idea of what to expect from your spring session.


As a former classroom teacher, summer will always have a special place in my heart. My favorite thing about summer sessions in Connecticut is the glorious sunsets. It doesn’t hurt that it’s warm, the weather is more predictable and it’s fun to be outside in New England. One of the most fun places to be is the beach. Beach sessions during summer months are my most requested location. One of the cons to consider for summer sessions is that it can be HOT (hello, humidity). Also, if you have little ones with a strict bedtime schedule, be sure to note that your session time would be later because the sun sets later. Here are some pictures from last summer to get an idea of what to expect from your summer session.

Sharon Leger Photography || Canton, CT Family and Newborn Photographer | Family portraits in Simsbury, Connecticut


The last week of June every year, I think to myself “I guess no one is booking family sessions this fall.” Then literally, two days later, I have more inquiries than I can handle. I had to turn 11 families away this year (don’t worry, I hooked them up with some awesome photographer friends). Fall is so popular for family sessions for a few reasons. First, the photos can be used for holiday cards. Second, the foliage is AMAZING (if you book on a peak weekend). And finally, the weather is usually comfortable without a jacket and the sun set is earlier if you have kiddos with earlier bedtimes.

Probably the biggest negative to booking a family session in the fall is that it is hard to get a slot. As I mentioned, fall is usually fully booked by July, so if you already know you want a fall weekend spot, reach out soon! Here are some pictures from last fall to get an idea of what to expect from your fall session.

Fall family session 2022


Winter family sessions in the snow are always some of my favorites in New England. Snow does great things for your skin tones and it’s just a  fun backdrop that looks amazing on your holiday cards. But as you may have guessed, the downsides are it is COLD. Snow can be unpredictable, trees and grass are very brown and a lot of times, kiddos (and adults!) can’t hang for a long session outdoors. Winter sessions are definitely do-able, but you want to consider the ages of your children and their cold tolerance before committing to a winter session. Here are some pictures from last winter to get an idea of what to expect from your winter session.

Canton CT Family Photographer | Sharon Leger Photography | Winter Family Portraits

The Verdict: The Best Season

When choosing what season to book your session, remember that your holiday cards can have portraits from any time of year, it doesn’t have to by fall/winter (I book my own family portraits for the summer every year because that’s when my family and I are most available). I have families that change seasons every year which I LOVE so that they have a variety of seasons represented in their homes. Finally, if you commit to a month now and change your mind, know that I can be flexible as long as the five spots aren’t filled up on the month you want to change to. I’m here to help make your family portraits as successful as possible and I can’t wait to work together this year! 

What would you say is the best season to do family portraits?

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